What tableware to choose

A beautifully and correctly set table on the occasion of an invited lunch or family dinner speaks of the good taste of the hostess and creates a festive atmosphere. Exquisite tableware that matches the style of the interior or national cuisine, which is presented on the pages of the “PosudoGrad” online store, meets the requirements of aesthetics and high quality. Table setting can be chosen from:

  • porcelain or glass;
  • ceramics and cast iron;
  • cupronic acid and stainless food steel.

What tableware to choose 1

Stylish table setting for the holiday

Bestsellers of “PosudoGrada” are sets of dishes for sushi, which are chosen by fans of Japanese delicacies, and dishes for fondue, which are popular at stylish parties and romantic dinners. The equipment of the festive table is not limited to plates and cutlery: dishes, fruit bowls, cream cakes and cocottes will highlight the crown dishes of the hostess and will be remembered by the guests of the evening with a restaurant serving.

Original tableware transforms an evening tea party with sweets beyond recognition:

  1. candy boxes made of Chinese porcelain;
  2. portions of bonbonnieres for a cake;
  3. floral bowls for jam;
  4. patterned honey pots.

This dish allows you to comfortably receive guests, without worrying about the beauty of the table and the correctness of serving various dishes, according to the rules of etiquette.
What tableware to choose 2

The ethics of daily serving

A quick breakfast or dinner with the whole family after a busy day will be decorated with solid and beautiful tableware from PosudoGrad. Bright children’s sets help to feed the smallest pampered ones, because psychologists recommend attracting children to food with themed dishes with images of favorite characters from cartoons and cheerful presentation of dishes. The 57-piece gold-plated bordered sets for 6 people will satisfy the tastes and needs of hospitality houses, and for the high quality of porcelain, glass and earthenware, the suggested price seems unreasonably low.

It will be easier for the hostess to cope with the duties of cooking and serving the table if useful kitchen accessories are at hand. An advantageous feature of the wide assortment of the “PosudoGrad” online store is the availability of rational and useful items for the kitchen, affordable prices and a variety of colors, shapes and materials.