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Glasses of the Luminarc France trademark, which is part of the Arc Internatrional corporation, are represented by several main types among the huge range of drinking glass. These are wine glasses made of glass, sparkling wines and champagne; glasses for strong alcoholic drinks – cognac, whiskey, brandy; cocktail glasses or cocktail glasses; glasses for beer – beer glasses. Each type of Luminarc glass is intended for drinking a certain type of drink, which dictates its shape, size, design and appearance, so there are a large number of their varieties. The harmonious combination of the shape, size of the bowl and the length of the stem, the material of the glass, the method of processing the edge of the bowl affects not only its aesthetic perception and the mood of a person, but also the ability of this type of dish to correctly and fully reveal the taste and aroma of the drink served in it , calculate the optimal size and shape corresponding to a particular grape variety and method of making wine.

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Luminarc wine glasses are divided into glasses for white (White Wine Glass) and red (Red Wine Glass) wines, Luminarc glasses for sparkling wine and glasses for port, Madeira, sherry, dessert and liqueur wines. The capacity of a wine glass should allow pouring a sufficient amount of drink into it without filling the glass completely, remembering that the free volume of the vessel significantly affects the fullness of the aroma and the entire bouquet of the taste of the wine. For champagne and sparkling wines, there are two types of glasses – a thin and tall flute glass with a long stem with a volume of about 180 ml and a glass with a volume of 120 – 270 ml and a very wide bowl, which is usually used to build a pyramid.

Stylish and their varieties are perhaps the most diverse. The preparation of cocktails involves the use of various ingredients and special techniques that give the drink a certain aesthetic, which the glass used for the cocktail should correspond to. That is why the shapes, volume and design of Luminarc cocktail glasses are as diverse and multifaceted as numerous cocktail recipes. The most commonly used for the preparation of appropriate cocktails are: a martini cocktail glass, a margarita glass, a highball glass, a collins glass, a hurricane glass, a glass of Irish coffee, an old fashion glass, a pilsner glass and others.

Whiskey glasses are commonly used for tasting and consuming high-end whiskeys, sophisticated finely crafted whiskeys and single malt old whiskeys. Such glasses for calm tasting and a full sense of aroma include Nosing, Tulip and Snifter glasses. The shape of the glass gradually tapering towards the top provides a rich aroma and taste of the drink, which becomes easy to feel and appreciate.

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Glasses for cognac Luminarc buy Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa – snifters (English “sniff” – sniff) have the traditional shape of a cognac glass in the form of a sphere with a narrow cut off top, which is located on a low stem. The narrow mouth of the glass ensures the concentration of vapors and aromas inside the bowl and contributes to the flow of the drink to the necessary receptors in the human oral cavity, which are responsible for the correct perception of taste. The low leg allows you to hold it in the palm of your hand, heating the drink with the warmth of the human body, which contributes to a more complete disclosure of the entire bouquet of aromas and taste of cognac. It is generally accepted that the more mature the brandy is, the more a brandy glass is used for it and the narrower its neck should be.