Cocktail glasses – varieties

Cocktail glasses and martini glasses belong to the most numerous and diverse type of tableware for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, divided into several types. In addition to the already mentioned cocktail glass – a glass for martini (Cocktail Glass, Martini Glass), a Margarita Glass with a capacity of 200 – 250 ml is used for serving frozen and chilled cocktails or drinks and the “Margarita” cocktail. The Margarita cocktail glass has an original shape in the form of a bowl with an elongated bottom and a wide top, which allows you to apply a decorative layer in the form of a narrow border of sugar or salt to the edge of the glass. To serve tropical cocktails, such as “Piña Colada”, “Blue Hawaii”, use Hurricane Glass cocktail glasses with a volume of 400 – 480 ml, but not less than 230 ml. The goblet on a low stem has a curved shape that vaguely resembles the shade of an old lamp, also called a “hurricane” or “sling”. For large-volume cocktails with ice, the following are used: universal cocktail glass Tumbler Rocks (Tumbler, Rocks Glass or Old fashioned), with a volume of 180 – 300 ml. in the form of a low wide glass with a thick bottom; a Collins cocktail glass with a volume of 240 – 340 ml., in the form of a straight glass with thick walls and a bottom and a Highball, with a volume of 160 – 240 ml, similar to a Collins, but slightly expanding upwards, and is an ideal option when preparing complex cocktails or drinks such as long drinks. The Collins glass is most popular when mixing strong alcohol with ice and soda, and such cocktails as the Long Island Ice Tea or Mojito. These large volume cocktail glasses are also suitable for soft drinks, juices, mineral water. A glass for Irish coffee with a volume of 240 – 320 ml. with a tulip-shaped bowl on a short stem with a handle used for drinks served with ice cream, coffee-based cocktails, grog, mulled wine, Irish coffee. Such glasses are made of heat-resistant glass for serving hot cocktails, and the presence of a handle allows you to comfortably hold the glass in your hand. The glass for layered cocktails Pousse Cafe (Pousse Cafe Cup), being a kind of liquor glass slightly increased in volume, and thanks to its shape, allows you to prepare various multi-layered cocktails from drinks of different densities. The volume of such glasses is usually 50 ml. (Sometimes up to 120 ml.), which allows you to drink a cocktail in one gulp. Glasses for cocktails based on champagne (Champagne Flute) are made in the shape of a flute – tall, on a long leg and slightly narrowed at the top, due to which carbon dioxide slowly leaves the glass, allowing the drink to retain its taste longer. Glasses for Parfait / Dessert cocktails (Parfait Glass) in the form of an elongated thick-walled glass on a small stem with a volume of 120 – 130 ml. – Extends upwards, used for making cocktail compositions from layered cold desserts or ice cream.

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