Vacuum travel mugs

Vacuum tourist thermal mugs have long become an indispensable attribute of modern life. Although not for long, just for a few hours, keeping the drink warm or cold, tourist vacuum thermocups, vacuum thermocups and thermocups, hiking and tourist thermocups have become an indispensable companion not only for tourists, travelers and admirers of outdoor activities and lifestyle, but also found their place in everyday life of many modern people.

Vacuum thermo mugs provide the effect of maintaining the initial temperature due to their design features, which include double walls of the body with vacuum insulation between them, which act as a thermos and a sealed lid on a threaded connection with a silicone seal and a tightly closed drinking hole. Double walls, in addition, without heating up from the outside, contribute to a comfortable hold in the hand of a tourist thermocup or a hiking thermocup. The design of valve covers of Vacuum Travel Thermal Mugs provides opening and closing of a drinking opening with one pressing of the button. Absolute tightness allows you to safely carry hiking thermo mugs, put them in a backpack or bag, transport and use in a car. A distinctive feature of tourist thermal mugs, hermetic thermal mugs for hiking is the absence of a handle in some models, since it is not mandatory (the outer walls do not heat up!) And the ergonomic design of the case, thanks to its small volume, allows you to conveniently take and hold them with one hand, transport or place them on a stand in the car.

Vacuum camping travel thermo mug Peterhof and travel thermo cups, while maintaining the overall functionality, can be made from different materials and have a variety of designs and designs. As a rule, Peterhoff Lessner thermo mugs and Peterhof Berghoff thermo mugs are made of high-quality food-grade heat-resistant plastics, stainless steel, or a combination of these materials. Plastic endows tourist thermal mugs Peterhof and hiking travel thermal mugs Ukraine Kyiv, Lvov, Nikolaev with a small dead weight, which is important on a hike, resistance to mechanical damage when falling. Particularly high-quality, functional and comfortable, with a bright, thoughtful design are the valve ones – the Peterhoff travel thermocup and the Peterhoff travel thermocup and just the Kyiv Ukraine thermocup – the inner flask of which is made of high-quality stainless steel, exceptionally hygienic and environmentally friendly, does not change the taste of drinks, easy to use. cleaning and care. The outer surface of PETERHOFF thermo mugs can be made of plastic or stainless steel with a practical non-slip silicone pad.